Staycation, the New Vacation – Luxury Gran Bahia Principe, Runaway Bay

noun informal
a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

This will be my first post on my staycation series where I will be posting about my “staycation” experiences in Jamaica. I try to go on staycations every so often as they keep me sane. When life in Kingston gets too mundane its always nice to be able to escape to the country, even if its just for a quick weekend getaway. I also get back home feeling refreshed. Hmmm, no thats a lie, I always feel like I need more time.

I am sure you have probably found yourself strolling your Instagram timeline daydreaming about being in Bali, wishing you could #blacktravel or #travellife. Then reality starts to kick in and you start thinking about the cost, the visa process and the fact that you are only entitled to only so much vacation days. Boohoo!

Hello, stop envying all those travel bloggers. You live in a top travel destination! If you don’t believe just google “most beautiful islands in the world”. Yes, Jamaica certainly will pop up. People are out there wishing they lived on a beautiful tropical island that has so much to offer. And one such thing are amazing luxury all-inclusive hotels!

Last Heroes Weekend my husband and I ventured off on a staycation to the Luxury Gran Bahia Principe in Runaway Bay, St. Ann. After coming back from our honeymoon in Greece we were feeling drained and exhausted from all the traveling so we really needed a staycation. It’s actually my husband’s 3rd time staying at that hotel and my 4th. Yes, we love it there and that is the reason we keep going back. The drive is about two hours from Kingston if you travel on the toll road which is not too bad; there is usually availability because the hotel is massive, the staff is super friendly, and most importantly the food is bomb!

Note: There is Gran Bahia Principe and Luxury Gran Bahia Principe so be mindful of that when booking.

Tip: Sign up for Gustazos as they usually have amazing resort/hotel deals for locals. These deals range from small local hotels to all-inclusive resort.

The Property
The property is beautiful with a huge pool that pretty much runs along the entire resort; and they all have swim up bars. Being that we stayed at the “Luxury” we had access to premium liquor which was nice.

Our room was a junior suite with a view of the ocean. The room was tastefully decorated and spacious. The room came with 24 hrs room service and a fully stocked mini bar. The comfort of the bed however was disappointing for me as I wish they could have offered feather top comforter considering that it’s the “Luxury” side. Also there were not enough pillows on the bed, but one of the benefits of staying on the “Luxury” side is that you get access to Butler Service and we were able to request additional pillows, which is a nice touch. The bathroom was nice but I wished the jacuzzi was a two person tub.

Gran Bahia has the best food out of all the resorts that I have been to. Their buffet has a wide variety and the food actually tastes good, even the local food. I was surprised to see boiled dumplings, boiled green bananas and liver on their buffet line. I love my Jamaican food so that was nice. As in, they had the best curry chicken I have had in awhile. They also have a variety of international theme restaurants which are also really nice.

Overall it was a really great trip and we got back to Kingston feeling relaxed and refreshed!