Write It Down

Write it down on real paper with a real pencil. And watch shit get real.
Erykah Badu

I am a personal development junky – yes, I spend a lot of time reading and listening to personal development books and watching personal development videos on youtube. I take personal development seriously! I am constantly trying to improve every aspect of my life and one thing that has really helped me in this process is to write things down.

Throughout my life I would occasionally doodle the things that I would want to achieve, but it was not until the end of 2015 that I really decided that I would actually write things down with intent. I  decided that I would write down my hopes and dreams with a deep intent of achieving them all. Since then, I have seen the huge impact that it has had on my life. By writing things down I feel like I have control over my life. Like I am living intentionally!

Now, what do I write?   РGratitude, Goals, Blessings

I keep a gratitude journal. It’s really just a simple notebook, usually with a positive quote on the cover like the one pictured about. The moment I look at it, it gives me ‘positive vibes’ because all it entails are my positive thoughts. Everyday I would try my best to write down 10 things that I am grateful for, and they are not usually any ground breaking event that has happened; it could be the weather, my family, the fact that I woke up. I try to be very specific. I usually do it in the mornings so I start the day with good energy. I will do another post at some point going into more detail about my overall gratitude practices and how practicing gratitude changed my life.

Each year I make sure I get a new yearly diary. I have my diary for work which my company gives, but I also ensure that I have a personal diary as well. At the beginning of each year I think of 10 things that I really want to achieve that year. Then, under each of those, I write down what I need to do to achieve them so that I can have some concrete direction of the things I should make sure I am doing and focusing on that year. At the beginning of each month I would write down what I want to achieve that month and go from there planning out my week. It feels so good ticking each thing off at the end of the day. It feels like I am actually in control of my life, like I am actively doing something everyday towards achieve my ultimate goals.

I keep a blessing jar – yes, this is different from my gratitude exercises. Whenever, something major happens that I feel incredibly blessed to achieve, for example – the fact that I got married, I would write it down on a small piece of paper with the date and fold the paper and drop it in the jar. At the end of the year I usually go through the jar with my husband and it just such a lovely experience reflecting on all the great things that happened that year.

If you are also a personal development junky please let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.