Face by Shana & Lippies by Shana Review

I am a big supporter of local brands. As far as I am concerned they do not get enough credit for the work that they have been doing, especially local fashion and beauty brands. I think Jamaicans are really stepping up their game in the beauty industry and venturing out into areas that are generally dominated by foreign brands and I absolutely love it!

I have been a huge fan of Lippies by Shana products since she first launched them so I was excited when I saw that she launched her Face by Shana line. I knew I had to try the foundation. If you were to ask me which makeup item I could not live without, I would say ‘foundation’. Face by Shana offers two types of foundations – The Perfect Finish Foundation and the Kamaflage Foundation.

I went to the store All Dolled Up Cosmetics in Bargain Mall and was matched by the assistant there. The shade that was selected for me was ‘coffee bean’ and I have to say it was a perfect match. She also provided me with information on the pros and cons of each of the foundation and this really helped me to decide which foundation would be right for me. I went with the Kamaflage Foundation because she had me at “full coverage”. The downside however is that its not “oily girl friendly” because it has in mineral oil. Mineral oil, although it has moisturising elements it can be an oily girl’s kryptonite. I would not describe my skin as excessively oily, my t-zone area does get oily throughout the day so I knew the mineral oil would be an issue for me. But I still went ahead and got the kamaflage foundation because as I said, I do appreciate a full coverage foundation.

I was advised however that before applying the foundation I should layer on a mattifying primer. I used my favourite mattifying primer – Rimmel Stay Matte Primer – before applying the foundation. The foundation is a cream foundation so its best to apply it with a flat top foundation brush. It blended in so well and one layer was sufficient to give you full coverage, so it didn’t feel cakey at all. I usually stay away from cream foundation because they sometimes can look really cakey, but let me tell you, when I applied the foundation the finish was flawless. I then applied my Black Opal Oil Control Powder to set the foundation.

The foundation wore really nicely but as expected I did start to get oily about 3 hours after applying the foundation. However, when I patted my face to remove the oil the foundation didn’t really move that much so that’s a plus. The assistant at the store did indicate that the Perfect Finish Foundation is a mattifying foundation, but the downside is that it is not full coverage. So if you have really oily skin maybe the Perfect Finish Foundation would be the better chose for you. Overall, I think the Face by Shana Kamaflage Foundation is a good foundation if you are looking to purchase a full coverage foundation.

Size: 0.42 oz   |    Price: $2500



Now on to my favourite, and when I say favourite I mean my absolute favourite product from Shana and those are the Extreme Matte Liquid Lipstick. I absolutely love these liquid lipstick! My favourite two are Boss Chick and Pin Up Girl. Boss Chick is a burgundy plum colour and it’s my go to lipstick for work and Pin Up Girl is the perfect red. Every single time I wear Pin Up Girl someone asks me where I get it from, true story! The liquid lipsticks are comfortable to wear because they are not sticky, they don’t dry out your lips, they don’t peel and most importantly, they do not transfer. Trust me, I highly recommend these lippies, they get a 10/10 from me.

Price: $1800

Until next time…bye!