Athens, Greece | 4 Days Exploring Historic Athens

My husband and I decided to visit Greece for our honeymoon, neither of us had ever been and it would provide us with the perfect balance of our two interests. He loves history and visiting museums and I love a relaxing, pool side and scenic vacation. So we decided that we would visit Athens for a few days and then head to Santorini.

Initially when I was looking for flights to Athens I was focused on flying out of New York JFK airport – well actually Newark airport. I saw some realllyyyyyy good flight deals from Newark to Athens. I still kick myself when I think about how I missed out on those deals, but anyways, I think we made the best chose by flying out of Miami to Greece. Comparing the cost to fly to New York from Jamaica and to fly from Jamaica to Miami there is a significant difference so I believe it actually did work out – and we did get a pretty decent flight deal.

We left for our honeymoon to Greece two days after our wedding – yea I know, crazy right. Needless to say we were exhausted and a 9 hours flight was not going to be easy. Fortunately for me, I don’t have issues sleeping on flights. As soon as I sit down I am knocked out, usually before the flight even takes off. We flew from Jamaica to Miami then to Istanbul then to Athens. I know, just thinking about it is draining; however, we survived and we were excited to get our honeymoon started.

When we finally arrived at the airport in Athens everything went smoothly. We took a flat rate taxi from the airport which was about 30 mins from where we were staying. We were staying at an Airbnb and our host gave us perfect instructions and was waiting at the apartment for us. This was our first Airbnb experience and fortunately for us, it was fantastic. I know there are some Airbnb horror stories out there so we were grateful that ours was not like that. But I do think it really all boils down to doing proper research and not booking a place without pictures and reviews.


We absolutely loved the Airbnb we stayed at. The apartment was brand new, nicely decorated and most importantly it was located a few steps away from the metro station, Omonia. This made it easy to explore the city. I know sometimes foreign metro stations can be complicated, but trust me, in Athens it was really easy. Athens is relatively small and most of the touristy places tend to be close to each other so transportation was not an issue for us.


Now for the food – Oh my gosh! I always liked Greek food, but in Athens I fell in love with Greek food. Everything was amazing! From the traditional dishes to their pastries. I have never been to a city where every two step I make there was a bakery. The pastries were to die for and the prices were pretty reasonable as well. In between our main meals we were constantly nibbling on some type of pastry.


Usually I am the type to plan every single detail of a trip, but because I was planning our wedding, I really did not have the time to focus too much on the trip, so we literally landed in Athens and winged it. The old Shannon would have freaked at the thought of ‘winging’ it in a foreign city, but I was so relaxed and took it a day at a time and it was a lot less stressful – as in, I did not find myself panicking that the museum that was on my agenda for the day was going to close in 5 mins and we are 10 mins away.

My husband loves history so we bought an all access pass to most of the historic sites and just went exploring. Let me tell you, although I was exhausted at the end of each day, it was such an amazing experience learning about the history of Athens. I think its truly a city that is worth exploring if you are into history or even if you are not, you should visit the city because it is so fascinating.

I am trying not to make this post too long, but if you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.

Until next time….Bye!



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  1. Renee
    December 2, 2017 / 7:40 pm

    Sounds like myself, i have to plan every detail of a trip. winging it is NAT an option, i would’ve freaked. good to know it turned out well.