New Year, New Energy – Getting Ready For 2018…NOW!!!!!

Before you know it Christmas is here and we will be busy with all the festivities that we will hardly be able to find time to actually get ready for the new year. I am always super excited for the new year. To me it symbolises a fresh start, with new energy and new possibilities! I am big on planning and preparation in every aspect of my life so of course I have to prepare myself for 2018 and I always suggest doing it early. 2017 was a great year for me and I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring.

These are some of the ways that I am preparing for the new year:


Reflection is a big part of personal development for me. I try to constantly audit myself and my life. I look back at 2017 and ask myself what worked and what didn’t. I reflect on how I spent my time and energy and how it made me feel. Did I achieve all that I set out to achieve in 2017, why did I not achieve them, what do I need to change in 2018, do I even still want those things. Am I surrounding myself with the right people? How have I grown mentally and emotionally? How can I be a better friend, partner, daughter, sister etc.

Does watching Wendy Williams every morning help me to grow…probably not. Should I switch it out and watch some inspirational videos instead – or why not try to incorporate both, because balance is important to me. These are some of the things that I consider when I am doing my reflection.


I pretty much would spring clean. I would go through my closet and get rid of all the clothes that have been sitting there that I keep telling myself that I will lose weight and fit in someday. But actually when that day does come, guess what, they will be out of style and I will not want to wear them. So I try to be realistic with myself and get rid of them. I also clean out old makeup and other clutter that have accumulated over the past year. Sometimes I would even rearrange the rooms. I find that rearranging a room by switching up the placement of the furniture brings in new energy and vibe. Often times its the small changes that makes an impact.


Please do not tell me that you are waiting to get your 2018 planner at the beginning of 2018. Come on, it’s a planner, so you need to get it before so that you can actually start planning! I bought my 2018 planner in September – oh yes, they are on sale now, so you can go and pick yours up now. ┬áThere are so many different options out there. As I said in my last personal development post – write it down! so having a new journal/planning for the new year is a major key for me.


I find it so funny when persons try to be cool by saying…”oh I don’t believe in new years resolutions”. To me it’s like saying you do not believe in setting goals for yourself. It’s really not something to believe in or not to believe in, it’s whether or not you want to do it. Do you really want to live your life without intention? Without intentionally deciding on something to work towards. Of course we are humans and often times fall short of achieving goals, but I still think it is important to set them. We owe ourself the opportunity to at least try. So yes, I do set goals/resolutions, however you want to call them. So what if I don’t achieve them all, at least I tried, and this takes me to the next thing…


Ohhh, letting go, this is a big one for me. This also ties into reflection. I ensure that I am not beating myself up about things that I did not achieve. I simply let it go, and decide whether it’s something I want to take into the new year or if I want to let it go entirely because it does not align with any of my new goals or new lifestyle etc. I also think about relationships and try to decide if the relationship is even worth my time and energy. If not, then I slowly let it go because I do not want to take it into 2018. Remember, it’s a new year and you have to protect your energy and space in order to positively flourish, so why would you drag a negative situation along with you.

With that said, bye guys I will talk to you in my next post.