Christmas in Kingston is party season, we are spoilt for choices. There are so many different party choices sometimes making a decision as to which one to attend can be a bit of an annoyance – like how I am feeling now with regards to which New Years party to attend. However, Yush! No question is a must – although this year I was trying to resist going. Anyho, I am so happy I went because I had a good time.

Listen, I believe being a Caribbean girl, cute rompers are an essential part of our closet. You cannot go wrong with them as they are perfect for so many different occasions. They look great with heels and flats. I decided to wear this white romper with big ruffle sleeves I purchased from Forever 21, which is still available here.

When I bought it online I was sort of nervous about the plunging neckline. Fortunately, it has a ‘bone’ to support the ladies, which meant that I had no problem bending over to dance to those 90s hits. As you will notice, I also put my own touch on the neckline by crossing the shoulder straps.

Until next time…BYE!!!