Sundays are lazy days that we should use to recharge and get ready for the week ahead.  What better way is there to recharge than laying on a white sandy beach, sipping on some good wine while taking in the beautiful scenery that is the Caribbean Sea.

If you live in Kingston and you are in need of that perfect beach chill day, I suggest you grab a few friends, get a couple drinks and head on over to Lime Cay. It’s a simple 20-minutes boat ride from the coast of Port Royal.

If you have never been to Lime Cay and don’t have friends with a fancy yacht to take you to the cay, I would recommend that you catch a boat at Y-Knot. Y-Knot is an old ship wreckage yard located to the right of the Grand Port Royal Hotel (formerly Morgans Harbour Hotel). The cost for the round trip boat ride from Y-Knot is $1500. I must warn you though. The boat ride can be extremely rough, especially on a windy day, so I would recommend that you go in the early morning to avoid that.

Lime Cay does not have food vendors like most beaches in Jamaica, so if you plan on spending a few hours on the beach I suggest that you bring food, snacks, an igloo with a lot of ice, water and drinks.


As a Caribbean girl, going to the beach is simply a way of life, well for me anyways. I love going to the beach and my beach bag is always ready. I will share with you guys whats usually in my beach bag.

  1. Sunscreen
    • This is the most important item in my beach bag, and the higher the SPF, the better.
  2. Skin lotion
    • I apply lotion to my skin when I am heading home from the beach because the salt water will have you looking ashy.
  3. Book 
    • I like taking a good book to read while I relax, and being that I am a personal development junky, the book generally tends to be a personal development book.
  4. Hat 
    • To prevent my face from scorching from the heat of the sun, I always take a hat with me. It also protects my hair from the heat as well.
  5. Sunglasses 
    • This is a no-brainer and certainly, a must have.
  6. Portable speaker 
    • Bluetooth speakers are an essential part of the beach entertainment. Really, what’s a beach day without music?
  7. Portable charger
    • Considering that I am usually at the beach for a few hours and cannot charge my phone in the sand, this comes in handy when the low battery notification pops up on your phone.

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Talk soon!


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